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ProTech Water Damage, Inc. is a leader in servicing both residential and commercial property owners throughout the Entire Chicagoland area. Our IICRC Certified technicians are experts at handling not only the physical damage to your structure and personal possessions due to unwelcomed mold and water, but also in handling it in a very professional, courteous manner. You can expect an expertly trained professional at your door in 90 minutes or less who is fully equipped to begin working after a thorough assessment of the damage. We can help with water removal and dry out, mold prevention and mold remediation, sewage removal and decontamination and more. Don't put your home or business in the hands of someone who you can't trust.

Basement Water Damage Chicago

Water in your basement is exceptionally common in the Chicago area, since most basements will sustain broken pipes, improper grading and window installation, failed sump pumps, seepage, or leaking foundation walls. It’s vital to contact a company that can take care of and is experienced in flooded basements or crawl spaces and can handle all basement water damage Chicago .

Basement flooding can be a very serious matter. Any place where water has been at for more than 48 hours will probably have mold growth, and wet drywall and carpets will often have to be replaced. So it’s imperative to have a professional who understands how to perform complete water removal and structural drying come and take care of the basement flood damage as soon as possible so that both the time and costs involved are lessened.

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ProTech Water Damage Services Include:

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ProTech Water Damage understands the devastation and frustration caused by unwelcome water, mold damage or sewage damage in your home or business. And, while we hope this never happens to you, we are here to help you get back to pre-water damage conditions fast and with as little inconvenience to you as possible.

Time is critical when water has entered your home! No matter if the water came from storm and flood waters, a sewer backup, appliances that spew water into your house or building, the dangers of not doing anything about it are innumerable.

You must act quickly to:

  1. Dry the affected area immediately to prevent mold growth. AND...

  2. Disinfect and sanitize the affected area to prevent further exposure to possible waste material, household chemicals, and diseases contained in the water.

That is why we are here 24/7 with a Certified Technician available to you within the next hour and a half.

ProTech Water Damage provides residential home owners, business owners, and property managers with emergency services covering a vast array of water, flood or sewage damage emergencies. These include the extraction of water, structural drying, sewage extraction and clean-up and decontamination of all affected areas in the home, basement or crawl space. With our fast services and knowledge in restoration, we can stop and prevent the growth of mold and eliminate offensive odors.

Our Technicians are professionally trained and certified in water damage restoration and ready to be at your doorstep in the next 90 minutes. Where there is water in your basement, sewage back up, sewage in your basement or crawl space, or frozen or broken pipe water damage, you need to take FAST Action. And you need a company that will provide fast high quality service. They will assess the extent of the sewage/ water damage to your property and provide you with an explanation of what needs to be done.

Our techs are fully equipped when they arrive to extract and decontaminate an area of water damage up to 50,000 square feet. They are very understanding of the inconvenience you are experiencing and are expert at handling the restoration process with urgency. You can expect our technicians to be kind, courteous, and skilled from start to finish.

The Process of Effective Water Damage Restoration

1. Water Removal

This usually involves water extraction to remove the standing water, and the removal of wet materials that absorb water, such as carpet padding, soaked insulation, and damaged sheetrock. A professional water damage contractor will have the proper equipment and the manpower to take care of water removal. Also, if you have “dirty” water from sewage backups or line breaks, sewage removal must be done to remove the danger of harmful pathogens.

2. Structual Drying

Fast drying through the use of dehumidifiers and air movers is vital for halting the effects of water and moisture laden air during water damage restoration. Generating super dry air through the use of dehumidifiers and directing that air with powerful air movers pulls the moisture out of structural materials, hastening their drying. The dehumidifiers also prevent secondary damage to areas that weren’t originally affected by the water. High moisture levels in the air can cause peeling paint, warped building materials, and the growth of mold even in non-flooded areas. Drying wet structural materials and removing excessive moisture from the air is very important for limiting the damage during water damage clean up after broken pipe water damage, frozen pipe water damage, leaky pipes, toilet or sink overflow, or water damage caused by a refrigerator, washing machine, water heater or dishwasher.

3.Water Damage Repair

Once the structure has been tested by a water damage specialist to ensure that it is completely dry, the materials damaged by the water damage can be repaired to get things back to normal. Typically, a water damage remediation company will have removed baseboards and drilled holes at the bottom of the walls to aid in the drying of the wall cavities. Wet carpet and padding will have been removed. Damaged sheetrock in the ceiling that may have sagged and broken from retaining water will have to be repaired. And any items permanently damaged from water will have to be replaced.

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We offer 24/7 FAST EMERGENCY Water Damage Service in the entire Chicago, Illinois (IL) area.

ProTech Water Damage is fully certified by the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration.

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